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Meg Enge & Co

Premium Proposal

Premium Proposal

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Prepare to witness the embodiment of love's grandeur with the Elysian Love Elevation, where dreams are crafted into reality. I'm Meg, your orchestrator of unforgettable moments, here to present you with a proposal experience that transcends imagination. This is more than an event; it's a symphony of emotions designed to captivate her heart and secure the resounding "yes" you deserve.

Selections of Elevated Love:

🌹 Red Blush Selection:

Every moment is a stroke of passion, each detail an expression of your profound love. The Red Blush Selection brings together the boldness of red and the tenderness of blush. It's a fusion of emotions, a tapestry that will sweep her off her feet. This selection is designed to mirror the hues of your love – vibrant, deep, and everlasting.

💖 Pink Blush Selection:

Dive into the depths of affection with the Pink Blush Selection. Pink, the color of romance, is expertly woven with the gentle blush of tenderness. Every element, from the floral arrangements to the ambiance, resonates with a sense of care that she will feel in her heart. This selection is an ode to the subtleties of your relationship – a bond built on understanding and kindness.

🌸 "Be My Wifey" Selection:

Make her heart skip a beat with the "Be My Wifey" Selection. This choice is a testament to the playful, yet profound, love you share. Imagine her delight as she encounters this whimsical yet deeply meaningful proposal. Every element radiates a sense of joy, capturing the spirit of your relationship and the adventures that await as you become each other's forever.

Gentlemen, your soon-to-be wife deserves the very best. With the Elysian Love Elevation, I've poured my heart into every detail, ensuring that she will adore every moment. Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together, where love's story is elevated to a level that defies description. With confidence, with purpose, and with love that knows no bounds, let's create the proposal she'll cherish for eternity.

Package Highlights:

🌟 10-Inch Marquee LED "Marry Me" Sign: Illuminate the night sky with your devotion. The 10-inch marquee sign stands as a beacon of your unwavering commitment, casting its radiant glow over the moments that will define your journey.

🧺 Low Ground Picnic Table with Table Setup for 2: Create an intimate oasis for your love to bloom. The picnic table is a canvas for your affection, a place where your hearts converge under the open sky.

🎀 Assortment of Rugs, Pillows, Throws: Craft an ambiance that speaks of comfort and intimacy. The assortment of rugs, pillows, and throws is an invitation to nestle in each other's embrace, surrounded by an atmosphere of romance.

🏞️ Red Carpet with Silk Rose Petals: Lead her into your world of forever on a path paved with petals. The red carpet, adorned with silk rose petals, sets the stage for the moment that will define your love story.

🌸 8 White Silk Floral Arrangements: Envelop her in the beauty of your emotions. The white silk floral arrangements are a symphony of purity and love, resonating with the depths of your devotion.

🕯️ Assortment of LED Flameless Candles: Illuminate your love story with the dance of candlelight. The LED flameless candles create an enchanting ambiance, inviting her to step into a world where only your love exists.

❤️ XOXO Wooden (Tic-Tac-Toe) Board: Play the game of love on a canvas of Xs and Os. This playful yet profound element symbolizes the journey you've taken to arrive at this moment.

45-Minute Proposal Time: Every minute is a memory in the making. With 45 minutes of dedicated time, every emotion, every glance, and every word becomes etched into the fabric of your love story.

Optional Upgrades:

📸 Optional 20-Minute Photo Shoot by a Professional Photographer: Preserve the magic in timeless photographs. A professional photographer will capture candid moments, the sparkle in her eyes, and the joy in your hearts.

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