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Signature Proposal

Signature Proposal

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For those who understand that love's grand gesture requires meticulous precision, welcome to a proposal where the moment is unveiled forever, and will transcend time. With the expertise of Meg Enge & Co. Our "Marry Me" Proposal Package stands as an ode to your love story. Envision an experience that dazzles, captivates, and cements your bond in the heart of eternity.

Package Highlights:

🌟 10-Inch Marquee LED "Marry Me" Sign: Illuminate the night sky with your love. The 10-inch marquee sign is a beacon of your devotion, announcing your intent in a luminous display of affection.

🌸 White Silk Floral Arrangements: Embrace her with the purity of your emotions. Our exquisite silk floral arrangements are not just flowers; they are the embodiment of your heartfelt promise.

🕯️ LED Flameless Candles: Cast a warm, enchanting glow over your proposal. The candles create an intimate atmosphere, inviting her into a world where time stands still.

🏞️ Red Carpet: Lead her to forever on a path of dreams. The red carpet is the velvet passage that marks the beginning of a journey you'll take together, side by side.

⏱️ Proposal Duration of 30 Minutes: Thirty minutes filled with emotions that echo through time. Every second is orchestrated to create a memory that defies words.

📸 Optional 20-Minute Photo Shoot by a Professional Photographer: Capture the essence of your love in frame-worthy moments. A professional photographer will preserve the magic of your proposal, ensuring every glance, every smile is cherished forever.

🍾 Champagne Red Carpet: Elevate your celebration to new heights. Toast to the future on a red carpet that symbolizes the grandeur of your love.

🌹 Silk Rose Petals: Lay a path of petals, leading her to a moment she'll treasure. Each petal is a whisper of your affection, creating a fairy-tale ambiance.

🕯️ Assortment of (8) Candles: Illuminate your love from every angle. The dance of candlelight adds an enchanting dimension to your proposal, making it an experience she'll relive in her dreams.

🌺 Assortment of (6) Floral Arrangements: Immerse her in a garden of emotions. Additional floral arrangements amplify your message of love, enveloping her in beauty.

💐 Boutique of Flowers: Shower her with a cascade of blooms. This lavish gesture of a flower boutique envelops her in a sensory experience of your adoration.

🎨 Custom Chalkboard Sign: Express your emotions in words that touch her soul. The chalkboard sign becomes a canvas for your love story, etching your proposal in memory.

📣 LED Handheld Sign: Let your love shine in her hands. The handheld sign adds an interactive element, making her an active participant in this enchanting moment.

🍫 Box of Chocolates: Seal your promise with sweetness. A box of delectable chocolates embodies your commitment to a future filled with shared joys.

🥂 Bottle of Sparkling Juice with (2) Disposable Toasting Flutes: Raise a toast to forever. Celebrate the milestone with a touch of elegance, marking the beginning of your journey together.

🌟 4' Marquee LED "Marry Me" Sign: Go bigger, bolder, and more brilliant. The 4-foot marquee sign is a proclamation of your love visible from even greater distances.

🖼️ (4) Framed Personalized Photos: Frame your journey in moments. These photos capture the chapters of your love story, a visual testament to the path that led you here.

🔊 Wireless Speaker: Let music narrate your love story. A wireless speaker adds a melodic layer, enhancing the emotions that words alone can't convey.

Your quest to propose is a journey of a lifetime. Let's craft an experience that will forever be etched in your hearts. With confidence, purpose, and boundless love, let's elevate your proposal to an extraordinary symphony of emotions.

Optional Upgrades:

📸 Optional 20-Minute Photo Shoot by a Professional Photographer: Preserve the magic in timeless photographs. A professional photographer will capture candid moments, the sparkle in her eyes, and the joy in your hearts.

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